Staying safe during COVID-19


As lockdown begins to ease and we start to adjust to the new normal, the Government have finally announced that I am able to open up Amy’s Beautique and begin welcoming back my amazing clients. Staying safe during COVID-19 is my priority so please read my update below for all the latest information.


Over the last few weeks I have spent many hours transforming the salon and establishing new procedures that meet the latest guidelines given out by our beauty experts and scientists, as well as the guidelines provided by the Government. I am confident that these new procedures along with my already strict protocols, will ensure Amy’s Beautique is a COVID-secure salon. With that said I am ready and excited to be able to welcome you back into a clean, safe salon.


Please be assured I will be wearing a mask, visor, gloves and sanitised apron throughout your treatment. Your health, safety and wellbeing are of upmost importance so I have implemented the following to help minimise any risks to you and myself during your visit to the salon. 


Below you will find a questionnaire which needs to be completed 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. Please note, if you answer yes to any of the questions I will be in touch for more information and may need to rearrange your appointment to a later date.

Complete Questionnaire


The following treatments will not be available at this time:

  • Facials/skin treatments
  • Massage


Please arrive on time to your appointment, not too early and not late. There will not be a waiting area within the salon at this time. You will only be able to come into the salon once the previous client has left and the salon has been cleaned and disinfected.


Please attend your appointment alone. Any friends, family or children will not be permitted to enter the salon with you.

Stay safe during COVID-19 – wear a mask


Please arrive wearing a mask or face covering. Please make sure you wear it for the duration of your time in the salon.


Please only bring essential items with you to your appointment. Personal items like keys, purse/wallet and phone are acceptable but please leave any larger items at home or in your car.

Please note I would prefer contactless payment during this time. However cash will still be accepted. Cheques are no longer accepted. 

Upon entering the salon, please place your belongings in the sanitised box by the front door and refrain from touching them throughout your treatment.


After depositing your personal items, please head straight through to the bathroom at the back of the salon to wash your hands. Please use the nail brush provided especially if you are having your nails done.


Unfortunately I am unable to offer you any hot beverages during your appointment, however water will be available for you to help yourselves before and after your appointment.


I have carefully considered and implemented these new standards to our sanitising and disinfecting procedures, along with purchasing and providing extra PPE essential to reopen the salon. With this in mind all appointments will have a surcharge of £1 added to cover these additional expenses. Many thanks for your understanding during this time.

Thank you for taking the time to read and fully understand these new procedures. I am so excited to welcome you back to Amy’s Beautique.

Remember, please complete and submit your COVID-19 questionnaire 24 hours before your appointment. Thank you.

Complete Questionnaire